Congratulations to Dipos on the occasion of the jubilee and the upcoming holidays from the youngest


On the occasion of the celebration of the jubilee of the Diplomatic Colony in Dedinje, and in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Property management and rental company d.o.o. Belgrade hosted children from the preschool institution “Masana”, a long-term user of the Company’s services.

Today, children and employees of the Company symbolically marked the 60th anniversary of the Diplomatic Colony in Dedinje, with candles and a cake decorated with flags and symbols of the users of the facilities in the Colony.

The children from the PI “Masana” brightened the day for the employees of the Company with excited laughter and stories about unforgettable moments they spent playing and socializing in the park of the Diplomatic Colony in Dedinje.

We also had the pleasure to receive the gratitude of our youngest users for making sure that the park where they enjoy the charms of childhood every day is green, clean and safe.

At the end of our gathering today, enjoying the cake and New Year’s sweets, we promised our dear children that we will continue to diligently take care that the park where they dream of their childhood dreams and grow up, will always be beautiful, green and clean, both for them and and for all future generations and generations who will grow, socialize, fantasize and mature in the Diplomatic Colony.