Newsletter – MARCH 2021

Newsletter 03/21

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In the environment where diplomatic, economic, and cultural activities are still restricted due to COVID-19, our March newsletter looks at bilateral relations and friendships between Serbia and Greece, Tunisia and Pakistan, the countries which have celebrated their national holidays this month.

On March 8, some of the most significant achievements of women in the development of society were brought back in the limelight. With the strongest support for their equality in the future, we also remind below of the rights previously established in some of the countries as mentioned.

We also introduce you to one of the rare buildings of the romantic style in Belgrade from the portfolio we manage – Shkarka’s villa, occupying an exceptional place in Belgrade’s interwar architecture. It was designed by Dragisa Brasovan, one of the leading figures in Serbian architecture. Along with Gencic Villa, it represents the most successful example of Brasovan’s architecture of city villas.