Cooperation Agreement signed with Dipservis from Belarus


At the invitation of the Belarus Directorate of Service for the Diplomatic Corps and official delegations “Dipservis“, the delegation of the Property management and rental company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade, led by Deputy Director Ivana Milosavljević, stayed in Minsk from the 20th to 23rd May 2019.

The goal of the visit was to establish business contacts and exchange opinions on work in the field of services to the diplomatic corps and other foreign representations, both in Belgrade and in Minsk.

Both delegations assessed this visit with high grades and took the opportunity to exchange valuable experience  by both organizations in several decades of work, providing services to the diplomatic corps and other foreign representations in the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Belarus.

The visit of the delegation of Dipos to Dipservis in Minsk, was used for signing of the Agreement on mutual cooperation between the two sides.

By signing the Agreement, the foundations of strategic partnerships was laid between Property management and rental company Dipos d.o.o. Belgrade and the Directorate for the provision of services to the diplomatic corps and official delegations of “Dipservis” from the Republic of Belarus.

Joint and coordinated cooperation in the field of service provision to foreign missions, with a focus on strategic partnership and mutual cooperation, as well as the implementation of measures aimed at strengthening business reputation and seeking new directions of interaction, was agreed in this document.

Dipservis presented to our delegation its way of working and functioning, as well as the cultural and historical heritage of the city of Minsk and its surroundings. Dipservis welcomed the Dipos delegation with extraordinary hospitality and presented itself in such a way which reflected the tradition, mentality and customs of the people of Belarus in the best manner.

During the stay in Minsk, the Dipos delegation was also received by H. E. The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Republic of Belarus, Mr. Veljko Kovačević. This way the Dipos delegation is using this opportunity to thank the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia once again, which wholeheartedly supported the visit to Dipservis in Minsk.

With the signed Agreement and international cooperation, Dipos actively strives to gather new knowledge and experience, in the aim of improving functioning and services that it provides to its clients.