Dipos among the 0.4% most stable business companies in Serbia – Deputy director Ms. Ivana Milosavljevic


Dipos d.o.o. has received the recognition of the Golden Certificate of Creditworthiness Excellence for the previous three years of business, which represents the highest degree of success of a company with an AAA rating. The certificate is awarded by Bisnode and it is one of the most important European standards that define the quality and success of business entities.

On that occasion, in the tv programme  “Morning” on the First Television, the guest was the deputy director of Dipos d.o.o., Ivana Milosavljević.

The criteria are very strict and the same for both private companies and state-owned companies. According to the strictest world criteria, Dipos d.o.o. is rated with 100 out of a maximum 100 points, which ranks it in 0.4 percent of the most business-stable companies in the competition of 473,526 active domestic companies. What has been the focus of Bisnode in the last three years is the business and financial results of Dipos. We are ranked in those 0.4 percent of the most business-stable companies – Ivana Milosavljevic pointed out – This certificate is of multiple importance to us: it is a recognition for everything we have achieved in the previous period. On the other hand, it is a great incentive to continue to improve our processes and to further improve the results in order to continue working on the growth and development of the company itself. This certificate is a confirmation that Dipos is moving in the right direction and that it is a stable and responsible company.

The Deputy director of Dipos also pointed out that one of the most important goals of the Company in the last five years was – transparency.

We primarily worked on transparency in business. To this end, we have set up a new website where we have published absolutely all the information regarding the ways of Dipos’ business, ways of renting and leasing real estate, we have opened profiles on social networks, we send newsletters to our tenants, and in the news section on our site there can be found informations about all our activities. On the portal of the Business Registers Agency, you can see all the financial reports on the Company’s operations for the previous year, which are also available on our website – Milosavljevic pointed out.

When asked “How much does the state earn by renting real estate”, deputy director, Ivana Milosavljević, pointed out that Dipos, has been in the previous five years, more precisely in the period from August 1, 2014. until 31.12.2019, paid 452 million RSD into the budget of the Republic of Serbia in the name of net profit after tax. When payments on another basis are calculated, the amount paid into the budget of the Republic ,exceeds RSD 800 million. On that occasion, she added that the legal security that Dipos provides to its clients is extremely important, especially for tenants who come from the domain of diplomatic and consular missions and embassies, and pointed out that it is of special importance that Dipos is a state company that manages state property.
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