DIPOS continues to implement humanitarian actions


“Dipos“d.o.o. Belgrade, has continued to implement humanitarian aid actions, as a part of its humanitarian activities that are directed towards those who need it most.

On January 21, 2020, 13 computers, 10 monitors and other related computer equipment were donated to the „Center for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth“ and for the “Shelter for Emergency Protection of Abused Children” in Belgrade.

The heads of the named Institutions, Mr. Janko Tabakovic and Mrs. Ivana Djukic Milosavljevic thanked the Company for the donated equipment and emphasized the importance of such a gesture for the children who reside in these Institutions, which enables them to develop and improve their social activities and skills on a daily basis.

This event was carried out as a continued assistance to these Institutions, which Dipos  started in September 2019.

In gratitude for the humane work, on behalf of these Institutions, a thank you letter was presented to the representatives of the Company.

Dipos has once again shown a strong willingness to meet and help those who need it most.