Dipos organizes grand New Year’s cocktail at Madlena art palace


Celebrating a successful business year in the presence of longstanding friends and business partners, the real estate leasing company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade held a festive New Year’s cocktail in the exquisite surroundings of the Madlena Art Palace.

Stepping boldly into its seventh decade of existence and successful business operations, with a portfolio of over 300 properties, Dipos has remained true to the idea of providing its service users with a home away from home through high-quality services and the traditional hospitality of the Serbian people.

At the commencement of the ceremony, the director of the company, Mrs. Bojana Martinović, welcomed all attendees and expressed:

“It is well-known that Dipos is a successful and profitable state-owned enterprise distinguished by an exceptionally rich, yet lengthy business tradition. We owe special gratitude to our founder – the Government of the Republic of Serbia – as well as to all of you who, over the past 60 years, have generously bestowed trust upon us, contributing to Dipos evolving into a credible partner and a successful state enterprise. The key to the success of this enterprise, what truly sets it apart from the competition in the market and makes it unique, is precisely the array of services it provides. Through its services, this company not only significantly enhances the quality of life and work for its lessees but simultaneously increases the value of the state property it manages. Through their work and selfless dedication, our employees assist representatives of diplomatic missions in experiencing Serbia and Belgrade as their home, to which they would gladly return even after completing their missions.”

In addition to the above, Mrs. Martinović emphasized the projects that hold special significance for Dipos, and, above all, expressed gratitude to the founder of the company – the Government of the Republic of Serbia:

“I would like to highlight one project that holds special importance for us, and that is the construction of the new Diplomatic Club. This project is of immeasurable significance not only for this company but also for the City of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia as a whole. Its realization would significantly contribute to strengthening both the diplomatic and international, as well as the domestic business community in our country. As it is well-known, our country has been honored to host the international event EXPO 2027, and the City of Belgrade to take on the role of the world capital of education, culture, and innovation. This fact, which we all take pride in, serves as an additional motivation for Dipos, with the support of its founder – the Government of the Republic of Serbia, to build the new Diplomatic Club.”

The ceremony was not only an occasion to showcase Dipos’ rich tradition and business results but also a symbolic representation of its role and continuous dedication to strengthening international relations. On this occasion, special gratitude was extended to representatives of countries with whom Dipos has been fostering business cooperation for more than six decades, including: Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina, His Excellency Mr. Osvaldo Narciso Marsico; Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, His Excellency Mr. Basel Salah; Representative of the Republic of Lebanon, Her Excellency Mrs. Nada Al Akl; and the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of India, Mr. Sandeep Kumar.”