DIPOS performed the first activity within the program “DipKulTura”


In order to strengthen cultural identity and improve the professional and cultural capacities of employees, Property management and rental company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade has launched the program named “DipKulTura”.
“DipKulTura” program implies the organization of visits to cultural events whose primary focus is diplomacy and the development of bilateral relations of the Republic of Serbia with countries that have accredited diplomatic and consular missions to the Republic of Serbia.
Within the program “DipKulTura”, employees of Property management and rental company „Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade on November 2, 2021. visited the exhibition “In search for the New”, organized by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, dedicated to one of the most important literary creators of the new Serbian literature and diplomat Jovan Ducic.
The exhibition Jovan Dučić “In search for the New” shows Jovan Ducic as a distinguished member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts, writer, diplomat and endowment holder, and his search for style and form in literature, ways to affirm his people within the European tradition and efforts to make his dear town Trebinje the center of culture.
The life of Jovan Ducic was an interesting and romantic journey, which the famous art historian Milan Kasanin described as: “One life could not be spent smarter, nor could one talent be used better. He did not miss or ruin anything. With what he carried in himself, more could not be given than he gave. ”