Director of the Italian Institute of Culture visiting DIPOS


The director of DIPOS, Bojana Martinović, had the honor of hosting Roberto Cincotta, director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade, with whom DIPOS has a long-standing successful cooperation.

“It is a great honor and pleasure for us that a renowned institution such as the Italian Cultural Center in Belgrade is using one of the most beautiful buildings in the real estate fund managed by Dipos,” said director Bojana Martinović during the meeting with the director of the Institute.

The Italian Institute of Culture is an institution of the Republic of Italy founded in 1940. The competence of the Institute in Belgrade is the implementation of cultural activities, through the organization of cultural events, cultural cooperation and scientific research. At the same time, the Institute in Belgrade provides support for the dissemination of literary, film and theater works by Italian authors in the Serbian language. Since the language occupies a special place in approaching the Italian culture, the Institute offers courses for learning the Italian language, as well as Italian language certification.