Lecture on the theme “Personal Data Protection Law” held at Dipos


On December 04, 2019. a lecture on the theme „Personal Data Protection Law“ was held at the premises of Property management and rental company „Dipos“ d.o.o. Belgrade.

The lecture was held by Ms. Suzana Zunkovic, Director of Legal Affairs and Procurement.

During the lecture, it was pointed out with particular attention that the Law on Personal Data Protection, which was entered into force on August 21, 2019, is a reflection of the new digital and technological era,which is accompanied by the need to protect the rights of individuals and groups, due to the increased exchange of data, especially personal data.

The lecture was attended by employees of the Company, who directly or indirectly are involved in processing personal data of the Company’s clients.

Ms. Suzana Zunkovic, introduced the attendees to the type and categorisation of data, the subject matter and the duration of the data processing, as well as to the obligations and rights of the processors and their operators.

The lecture was designed and carried out through interactive participation of employees on this topic.

At the end of the lecture, which was evaluated very positively, all participants made a general conclusion that in the future, special attention should be paid to this topic.