The departing ambassador of Cuba in a farwell visit to Dispos


Director of Dipos, Djoko Krivokapic, today received the departing Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Gustavo Trista del Toda. After five years of diplomatic work and stay in our country, the mandate of the Cuban ambassador is coming to an end.

In a cordial atmosphere, the Ambassador pointed out that it was a pleasure to cooperate with Dipos during the past five years of his mandate in Belgrade and that he is delighted with the service that Dipos provides.

Thanking the ambassador and handing him a special thank you certificate for the trust, extraordinary cooperation and selfless support for Dipos, Director Krivokapic pointed out that the Embassy of Cuba in Serbia and our Company maintain a long cooperation, which dates back to 1965.

Dipos and the Embassy of Cuba in Belgrade have been successfully nurturing business cooperation for 58 years, which has grown into an unbreakable friendship. “Praise for our work is extremely important for us, because the best recommendation for cooperation with Dipos is the satisfaction of our clients”, added director Krivokapic.

“I would like to emphasize your Company’s interest in the proper functioning of the real estate, which facilitated our work in Belgrade which contributed to the positive state of bilateral relations. I must also highlight the positive role played by director Djoko Krivokapic in favor of the cooperation with our embassy, which is distinguished by his seriousness and dedication to work. I have the same opinion for the deputy director Ivana Milosavljevic, as well as for the efficient technical team of the Company. Together, they form a competent group with which one can communicate safely and smoothly”, said the Cuban ambassador in fluent Serbian. He added that Belgrade has a special place in his life because he spent his youth there and his daughter was born in the “Narodni Front” hospital. “This is our favorite country, we will never forget it”, concluded the ambassador of Cuba.

On his own behalf and on behalf of all Dipos employees, Director Krivokapic wished the ambassador good luck in his future work, thanked him for the trust and support shown, but also for everything he did so that our two countries would continue to develop their friendship and cooperation.