Newsletter – MAY 2022

Newsletter 05/22



In May, our country marks the Day of Serbian Diplomacy. It was established on 29 May, in memory of the day when in 1839, in the Principality of Serbia, the first Office of Foreign Affairs was established, which is considered the beginning of professional diplomacy in Serbia.

In the May issue of our Newsletter, you will find out what are the experiences of our employees who have been working at Dipos for more  than 40 years, and what are the experiences of those who recently joined us. You will also hear many interesting stories about diplomats that we have hosted in the past 60 years of our existence.

Graduates of the оur partner International School in Belgrade celebrated the sound of the last school bell! On that occasion, was organized a ceremony which was attended, at the invitation of the International School in Belgrade, by representatives of Dipos.

We are taking you to the Kingdom of Denmark – a country that holds the title of the happiest country in the world, according to several international studies. We will also introduce you to the life and work of Ilija Garašanin, one of the three great Serbian statesmen.

You will also find out about the connection between the telecommunication satellite “Telstar”, the fresco White Angel and our Society.