Newsletter – JANUARY 2021

Newsletter 01/21

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Together with the best New Year’s wishes to our clients, business partners and colleagues, on the first date of January we sent cordial congratulations to the Republic of Cuba on the occasion of the country`s Liberation Day.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar marked its National Day on January 4, while India celebrated the Republic Day on January 26. In our recently published blogs, we travelled to these distant, but diplomatically close countries, remembering the establishment and development of bilateral relations with the Republic of Serbia. We invite you with pleasure to read them on our website.

We entered 2021 with new IT infrastructure too, thus completing a two-year process of software and hardware modernization to meet the development needs of the Company.

Positive results of the survey on customer satisfaction and highly assessed indicators brought optimism to our environment at the beginning of the year as well. We share some of this information with you below.