A seminar organized for Dipos employees

25.03.2019.Diplomatic club, Events

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, in the Club of MP’s in Tolstojeva Street in Belgrade, a seminar entitled “Organizational culture and communication” was held for all employees of Property management and rental  company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade.

The seminar was organized by the consultants from the company “Per Momentum” Belgrade, specialized in providing consulting services aimed at implementing the development and innovation strategy, as well as improving the sociological and psychological factors within companies.

Lecturers at the seminar were Hajdana Glomazić, Ph.D., research associate of the Institute for Sociological and Criminological Research in Belgrade and Mr. Zoran Marković, director of “Per Momentum“  Belgrade.

Corporate culture, business strategy, marketing and digital transformation are just some of the topics from the work scope of  “Per Momentum”.

After welcoming and briefing the participants with the seminar program, the lecturers started presenting the first theme named “PASSION” method. This method, created by Mr. Zoran Marković, among other things, refers to the physical-psychological and social dimension of the working environment and the commitment of achieving common goals and ways of managing.

The second part of the seminar program was dedicated to organizational culture and communication in  “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade.

The seminar was devised and implemented through interactive participation of all present during these topics.

The seminar was highly evaluated by all employees who especially emphasized that the ways and aspects of improving work, communication and organizational culture were very well presented and of great benefit for the further work of Property management and rental company  “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade