Investing in corporate and organizational culture and identity of the company is investing in future, better productivity and satisfaction of employees

04.10.2018.Events, News

In its Business Program for 2018, Property management and rental company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade planned a series of activities aimed at improving the corporate culture and corporate identity of the Company.

In line with the company’s strategic documents, it is planned to undertake activities that will help improve corporate standards in order to manage communication, performance, quality of work processes and human resources in the most efficient way.

In this spirit, the Property management and rental company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade has begun the process of preparing for obtaining the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

On 01 October 2018 the employees of the Company were pleased to attend lectures and trainings on the topic “Familiarization with ISO 9001: 2015 standards and a unique standard structure according to Annex SL”.

Also, the Property management and rental company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade has begun the process of creating a new, modern and agile organizational culture, in tendency to portray its work and business with new and modern business trends.

The Company strives to create an authentic philosophy of business and thus contribute to building its unique and positive image, increasing its productivity and efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

In an effort to set the goals to be put into action, the Project entitled “Testing Employee Satisfaction with Different Aspects of Work” was conducted in the Company.

Presentation of the research results to the management and employees of the Company was held by a team of experts on 02 October 2018.

Taking care of our business partners and tenants and improving the service package, we strive with all forces to become a modern organization that distinguishes itself from the competition in the provision of services, an innovation-stimulating organization, systematically integrated, knowledge-based and always available to its clients.