Kneza Miloša 14

The Man Who Changed the Look of Belgrade

At the address of Kneza Miloša 14, there is a building designed by Nikolai Petrovich Krasnov, one of the most influential architects of Imperial Russia, and a holder of one of the most important academic titles in Serbian academic history.

Nikolai Krasnov was one of the most accomplished architects in Imperial Russia, which is why he was engaged by Empeor Nikolay II Romanov to develop the project of the magnificent Livadia Palace in Crimea. Even today, there is a section of the palace that is devoted to Belgrade. It contains artistic sketches, architectural drawings and photographs of all buildings Krasnov designed in the Serbian capital. Following the October Revolution, Krasnov moved to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, where he became an architect of the court. From 1923 – 1939, he worked on designing, building, finishing, adapting and decorating some of the most important state buildings, churches and memorials. Krasnov’s use of heraldic decoration of the facades of his buildings marked the period in Serbian architecture.