Director of Dipos in an exclusive statement for Dnevnik RTS


Answering a number of questions, director Krivokapić presented the key to the success of Dipos business, the significant results achieved in the collection of claims and the number of properties issued, the way in which Dipos meets the demands of tenants, but also the extremely successful outcome of court proceedings that Dipos conducted against those tenants who by using state real estate, they did not respect contractual obligations.

According to the last conclusion of the Government of RS from December, Dipos has 317 properties in its portfolio, 140 buildings-houses, 145 apartments, 21 business premises and 11 garages. At the end of December, we reached 99% of issued buildings, and the percentage of receivables collection is 90.1-90.2%. The current situation is much better than it was, since 2014 we have conducted over 22 court cases, where we had 100% success, as far as evictions and collection of claims from tenants who were not diligent and did not fulfill their obligations on time. We tried to get as close as possible to our tenants and to be at hand by going out to the field at their every call and solving their every problem,” said the director of our Society, Đoko Krivokapić, for Radio Television of Serbia.

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