Dipos hosted the newly accredited ambassador of the Republic of Cuba


Today’s visit of the newly accredited ambassador of the Republic of Cuba, H.E. Mr. Leyde Ernesto Rodríguez Hernández is another in a series of cordial and friendly meetings between the director of Dipos, Mr. Krivokapic, and representatives of the diplomatic community in Belgrade.

The Director of Dipos, Mr. Krivokapic, at the beginning of today’s conversation, welcomed the ambassador, H.E. Mr. Rodríguez Hernández, introduced him more closely to the work of Dipos and especially noted that the Cuban embassy in Dipos will always have a good partner, and the ambassador a safe support during his work and stay in Belgrade.

Thanking for the warm welcome and cordial meeting, Mr. Rodríguez Hernandez pointed out that he greatly appreciates the extraordinary cooperation that the Dipos and the Embassy have been fostering for years.

In addition to the courtesy meeting, the topic of today’s conversation was the establishment of closer cooperation between the Dipos and the Embassy of Cuba through the exchange of experiences and delegations with the company that takes care of housing members of the diplomatic community in Cuba.

During the friendly conversation, both parties expressed great satisfaction with the long-term mutual cooperation, the quality of services provided by the Company to the esteemed Embassy, and considered the possibility of additional improvement of business cooperation.

The ambassador’s assistant, Mrs. Natalija Stojankic, and the deputy director of Dipos, Ivana Milosavljevic, also had the pleasure of attending this meeting.