Dipos improves the condition of real estate


Property management and rental company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade continuously implements various activities for the improvement, functionalization and modernization of real estate owned by the Republic of Serbia, which it manages, and which are intended to accommodate foreign diplomatic and consular missions, diplomatic and other representatives, trade and other missions and representatives in RS, representatives of the international business community, as well as domestic legal and private entities.

In this way, Dipos stands out in relation to other domestic and foreign entities engaged in real estate leasing on the Belgrade market, since in addition to the leasing service, Dipos simultaneously plans and implements all necessary works in order to maintain the quality, but also to improve and modernize real estate entrusted to it by the Republic of Serbia for management, use and maintenance.

In an effort to improve the condition of the real estate it manages with adequate maintenance, Dipos plans and conducts various types of works in accordance with the needs, as well as appropriate procedures towards state bodies, all with the aim of providing its tenants with a pleasant, comfortable and safe stay.

The realization of these activities is carried out by the Technical service, which, in accordance with the Business Program of Dipos, which is reviewed and approved by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, organizes and performs various works which, in addition to emergency real estate interventions, include larger works.

The Technical service which organizes and implements all activities in the field of real estate maintenance owned by the Republic of Serbia and managed by Dipos, consists of experts of various knowledge and skills, led by the director of the Service, B.Sc. eng. arch. Mihajlo Rakić.

“It’s a pleasure to lead a team of people who take care of the real estate we manage on a daily basis.”