Everything I wish for my country, I wish for Serbia too


H.E. Mohammed Nabhan, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Belgrade:

Everything I wish for my country, I wish for Serbia too

Friendly bilateral relations between Serbia and Palestine have lasted for more than 30 years, and so has the successful cooperation between the Embassy of Palestine and Dipos. Upon that occasion, H.E. Mohammed Nabhan, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Belgrade, hosted representatives of our Company in August.
Ambassador Nabhan has been in Belgrade for more than 15 years. Returning to the very beginning of his engagement, he mentioned that it was not difficult for him when he started working in Belgrade because he was met with the openness of people who talked to him without any prejudices. “Over time, I realized that our two nations have a lot in common, even though they live on different continents.”

Both nations have undergone extermination and attacks and have been targets of others at some stage in their histories. Both are small in number, but they are very active and with very successful individuals”, he pointed out.

  1. E. Mohamed Nabhan is one of the few ambassadors who speaks Serbian perfectly. He admitted that it was not difficult for him to learn it because, as he says, you cannot understand the essence of the mentality if you cannot speak the language of a nation. “When I came here, I first started learning the language and history of the Serbian people and reading Selimovic, Andric, Cosic … I wanted to understand how Serbs think.“ Referring to the history of relations between Serbia and Palestine, he reminded that Saint Sava spent  three years in this country, where he was treated like a prince and spiritual leader. He also emphasized that the oldest monastery in Palestine was named after him – – the Monastery of The Holy Lavra of St. Savas, or Mar Saba, which means Saint Sava.Monastery of The Holy Lavra of St. Savas in Palestine


Ambassador Nabhan noted that Serbia has been the destination for the education of Palestinian students for many years. They study at the universities in Belgrade, Nis and Kragujevac to be engineers, doctors and economists and are highly esteemed as experts upon the return to their native country. Today, there are about 50 of them in Belgrade, being very active in promoting Palestinian culture in Serbia.

Deputy director of Property management and rental company Dipos d.o.o. Belgrade, Ivana Milosavljevic (left), and H.E. Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Serbia, mr. Mohamed Nabhan


One of the topics was also the Palestinian cuisine. H. E. Mohammed Nabhan pointed out the similarities and differences in national tastes: legumes and cereals are used more in the Mediterranean area, and a dish that we consider our specialty – sarma, is also prepared in Palestine.

Ambassador Nabhan also announced the intensified cooperation in the upcoming period, as well as the new visit of his President in November. Upon that occasion, further possibilities for improving economic cooperation between the two countries will be considered.

“I consider myself a friend of this country. Everything I wish for my country I wish for Serbia too”, he concluded.