Press interview by the Director of Dipos in Dnevnik Novi Sad


One of the oldest publishing and printing newspaper houses in Vojvodina, “Dnevnik”, on March 24, 2019. published an article in its printed edition under the title “Reliability and exclusivity are our advantages”.

The interview for this prestigious newspaper was given by the director of Property management and rental company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade, Mr. Đoko Krivokapić who familiarized readers with the manner of work, services and achieved successes of the Company.

Reliability and exclusivity are our advantages

Property management and rental company”Dipos” was established by the Republic of Serbia to manage, rent out and maintain real estate owned by the Republic, primarily intended for the needs of accommodation of diplomatic and international business communities in Serbia. Today, DIPOS manages, rents out and maintains an exclusive portfolio of villas, buildings, apartments, residences and business premises in elite parts of Belgrade, some of which represent architectural masterpieces of the capital and true historical gems.

In just a few years, DIPOS has come from an average company to a well organized system that is doing great business and increasing profit every year and increasing   state funds. In four years, according to last year’s data, DIPOS paid 390 million dinars for the state budget. DIPOS director, Đoko Krivokapić, in the interview in „Dnevnik“ pointed out that the trend of good business lasted last year as well.

Profit of DIPOS for 2018, based on statistical data will amount to about 140 million dinars. Accordingly, as in the previous years, based on the achieved profit for 2018, we will make a payment for the budget of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with legal regulations, not counting the continuous payments on other grounds – explains Krivokapić.

  • What does DIPOS posses today?

The facilities owned by the Republic of Serbia that are given to DIPOS for temporary management, use and maintenance are located on the territory of the City of Belgrade. The leaseholders of real estate are primarily diplomatic and consular representative offices, trade, military and other offices and representatives in the Republic of Serbia, and also domestic companies and individuals. Today, DIPOS disposes with 352 facilities, totaling 85,094.67 m², of which 79,147.78 m² or 93.01% of the total available housing funds are leased out, while currently 5,946.89 m² or 7% of the total available housing funds are available for rent. We are pleased to point out that the structure of the income of the Company is participated with about 60% on the basis of leasing of real estate to diplomatic and consular representations in the Republic of Serbia.

  • How does the collection and flow of income from rented state-owned villas and apartments go, do you still have a waiting list for those who want to lease DIPOS villas?

When we talk about collecting claims on the basis of the concluded real estate lease Agreements, we have been for the last four years successfully achieving an increase in the trend of collection of receivables. Namely, the percentage of collection is extremely high and in the last two years varies in the range of 90-92%. Also, in the last four years, we have an extremely high level of interest for leasing out real estate that we manage, for several reasons: the property we own is owned by the state, and entering into a business relationship with us implies reliability and legal certainty. Based on the great interest in the leasing of real estate that we manage, we form a database with which we strive, to the highest possible extent, to meet the needs of potential tenants.

  • Do tenants regularly pay their obligations to the state and what do you do in case of tenants failing to fulfill obligations?

The regular settlement of tenants’ obligations is witnessed through a high level collection of claims. The reasons for these results are multiple. First of all, we have successfully completed court disputes from previous years. After that, we actively worked and continue to work on the prevention and provide our claims through means of securing claims which the Tenants deposit with concluding the Lease Agreement.

If, despite all the measures taken, the Tenant does not fulfill his obligations (which is a very small percentage today), we launch a court proceeding in order to collect claims and evict him from the property.

  • DIPOS has its service for repairing all kinds of defects in the facilities at its disposal and is accordingly to it, unique and recognizable. How important is it to maintain the quality of the facilities you offer?

The Technical Service plays an extremely important role in maintaining the quality of the real estate that we rent out, which is highly praised by numerous thanksgiving for its work, which can be read on our web site. Over fifty years of experience of this service in providing real estate servicing enables us to fully understand the specific needs of our tenants and meet their requirements through a wide range of services we provide. It is important that through high quality maintenance services, minimal deadlines for eliminating defects and failures, constant care for the real estate and 24-hour emergency intervention services, our tenants are provided with comfort, safety, and quality life and work in the facilities that we manage.

A new website

The leading person of DIPOS points out that in the last four years, corporate culture and Company identity have significantly improved. Also, international cooperation with state-owned enterprises in the world which are primarily engaged in the same activity of leasing real estate for the needs of diplomatic and consular missions, has begun. The appearance of the Diplomatic colony on Dedinje was also improved, and at the end of last year, a modern, detailed and interesting Dipos website was created.