Newsletter – DECEMBER 2020

Newsletter 12/20

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In the last month of 2020, the year which moved the world to a dimension which we all recognized as a new reality, we were eager to complete all the planned activities in the changed circumstances and improve cooperation with our clients.

We are especially thankful to H.E. Vutha Tan, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia to the Republic of Serbia, who presented the views of this country regarding the prospects of cooperation with Serbia in the interview for our publications. The Olympic Games in Japan, which will be held next year, were the occasion for the visit to the Olympic Committee of Serbia, which has been our tenant for many years. With reference to the most important moments in his career, the president of this organization and the great basketball legend Bozidar Boza Maljkovic, introduced us to the work of the national OC in the international framework and preparations for the upcoming sporting events. The United Arab Emirates marked its National Day on December 2. We present you this country and its most significant investments which will contribute to the development of Serbia. UNICEF celebrated its 74th anniversary on December 11. Having in mind the strategic importance of the activities of this organization aimed at the well-being of children on a global level, we also referred to some of the recent projects in Serbia.

With great optimism that the positive trends of international foreign policy and business cooperation will continue rapidly during 2021, we wish you a successful new year!