Newsletter – JULY 2020.

Newsletter 07/20

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Property management and rental company “Dipos” d.o.o. Belgrade deals with the management, leasing and maintenance of real estate owned by the Republic of Serbia, primarily intended for the accommodation of the diplomatic and international business community in the Republic of Serbia, as well as domestic legal and private entities.

Maintaining the quality of services and continuous work on their further improvement, nurturing traditionally good relations with diplomatic and consular missions and representatives in Belgrade, meeting the expectations of current domestic and foreign users and gaining new ones, are all values ​​that Dipos constantly strives for in its work and business.

During July 2020, the national statehood day was marked by several foreign countries whose diplomatic and consular missions in the Republic of Serbia have long-term cooperation with Dipos d.o.o.

In this year’s July issue of the Dipos e-newsletter, we will inform you about which diplomatic missions are mentioned, introduce you to the historical facts and the importance of bilateral relations between the Republic of Serbia and the United States, the Republic of France and Montenegro.

Also, in the July electronic Dipos newsletter, you will find out why the Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Belgrade, has in search of adequate space for the Embassy offices, chosen Dipos and entrusted it  when it comes to renting out real estate and providing following property service support.

In addition, in this newsletter, you can find out more about what are the advantages of being a Dipos client and what makes Dipos unique and sets it apart from the competition in the real estate market.