We are a property management and rental company founded by the Republic of Serbia with a special focus on the real estate needs of the diplomatic and international business community in Serbia.


The Republic of Serbia has entrusted us to manage its most valuable properties in Belgrade and our clients trust us to maintain their quality of life and support their community.

Our main objective is to provide diplomats from around the world with the opportunity to rent, live and work in some of the most beautiful properties in the capital of Serbia.

The Republic of Serbia, as the founder of Dipos, has entrusted us with the management of their portfolio of over 300 villas, buildings, residences, apartments and business spaces in the most attractive locations in Belgrade.


Our professional approach, persistent professional development, quality service and superior offering makes us the partner of choice for the diplomatic corps and the international and domestic business community in the Republic of Serbia when choosing property for their business and living needs.

Our goal is to be:

  • An organisation that inspires new ideas
  • An organisation that diligently listens to the needs of its clients and integrates them into internal processes in order to continuously improve our services
  • To always be available to our clients

We don’t see ourselves as a company that follows trends, but rather as a company that works, together with our clients, on setting market trends.

We are committed to improving the quality of living and working for all of our tenants, as well as to increase the property value of the real estate portfolio entrusted to our care by the Republic of Serbia. We remain dedicated to ethical, responsible and professional business practices, which form the core of our business philosophy.


Our unique experience and time-honoured tradition imparts us with the responsibility to quickly and efficiently find and rent-out properties that best meet the living and working requirements of foreign diplomatic missions, expats and the international and domestic business community.

In each activity that we undertake to accomplish, we strictly adhere to the following principles:

Customer Service & Quality Control

  • Guaranteeing top-quality service in accordance with international best practice standards
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. By fostering partnerships with our clients through mutual exchange of experience, knowledge-sharing and inclusive problem solving, we safeguard our clients and prevent dissatisfaction
  • Regular review of quality management systems ensures company processes and operations are efficient and effective

Competitiveness & Profitability

  • Maintaining our competitive edge by tirelessly working to improve and innovate our services and practices
  • Maintaining and growing our business and its profitability

Reputation & Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Reputation and trust among business partners, service users, industry stakeholders and the business community
  • Fostering professional relationships with clients and industry stakeholders

Improving Business Processes & Professional Development of our Team

  • Continuous investment in the knowledge and professional development of our team in order to enhance competence and productivity
  • Workplan organisation and advance scheduling of all activities
  • Creating optimal conditions to support an ambient that nurtures creativity and teamwork
  • Establishing high-quality internal and external communication channels to best convey our values, knowledge and information
  • The commitment of everyone on our team to truly live our values of integrity, professional ethics, respect, dedication and responsibility towards colleagues, clients and the quality of the services we provide
  • The responsibility of our entire team to provide premier client service and to set an example for the business community and the general public
  • Continuously raising awareness amongst our team on the importance of delivering client service that meets and exceeds client expectations
  • We work tirelessly on building trusting relationships with each one of our clients. This is the basis of our success
  • Increasing employee satisfaction. When you love what you do, you do great work
  • Ongoing attention to workplace safety issues and employee wellness to preserve and improve the health and lives of our employees


Dipos has the longest tradition of property leasing and management services for the diplomatic corps and international business community in Serbia. This means that we have the experience necessary to fully understand the unique needs of international and diplomatic clients and are able to provide a wide variety of executive rental properties ideally suited for expats and diplomats coming to live and work in Serbia.


We have an experienced, dedicated, efficient and knowledgeable team of professionals who understand your needs and will go the extra mile to meet them.

Bojana Martinović
Ivana Milosavljević

Deputy director


Svetlana Grujanić

Department for rent, commercial affairs and marketing director


Katarina Dvizac

Department for legal affairs director


Verica Dujović

Financial department director


Jovan Roganović

Technical services department director


Marija Ivanović

General affairs and logistics service department director